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I design things for people.

My name is Jose and I’m a Product Designer from Murcia living in London and working for JustPark
who am i and

What do I do

As the only product designer at Torca, I was building a cohesive securities issuance and investment experience.

One of the things I love most about fintech products is that they are a great opportunity to make finances and money more approachable to everyone.

Before this, at Thou, I founded a dynamic group of designers focused on small-to-mid companies in order to help them get ready for the digital era. And before that, I was working at Brilliant Basics as a Visual Designer for clients like HSBC, Jyske Bank or Munnypot amongst others.

Now, at Purposeful Ventures, I work in a myriad of projects where we try to make the world a bit better.

When I'm not in front of my laptop, I'm usually cycling, reading or playing board/cards games.


What do I write

As a non-native English speaker, I try my best to improve my language skills, and that includes writing from time to time in my blog, mostly about design.


Side projects

I love to create side projects. Usually from inception to coding, as a way to shape and validate ideas. These are some of those: